Protecting Your Device and Data!

What would happen if your Laptop were lost or stolen? Protecting your laptop can increase your chance of recovery by 95%
Protect One, Protect Many One-to-Many Laptop Management from a Single Dashboard Protect My Business Protect My School

Never Lose a Device or Data Again


One Device, Many Devices

Proprietary multi-patented in-front and/or behind lock screen messaging and alert capabilities enhance your chances of device recovery and data protection. Secure one laptop or many for your enterprise, university, school or small business.



Even with the increased use of cloud-based storage services,users keep valuable–sometimes invaluable data, personal information and so much other IP on their laptops. Losing control of that data can be heartbreaking, costly, and even disastrous in some cases. Front Door Software’s primary goal is to lock your valuable data, and help you locate your device. You will have a peace of mind knowing your data and device are one-touch from lock down.



Statistics show 4 out of 5 people are honest. Meaning, 80% of people will return a lost device if they have owner recovery information. Front Door conveniently places your contact information on the pre-lock screen making for easy return of your device.